Notice of Special Meetings


The Freedom of Information Commission will hold special meetings during the week of October 27, 2008 through October 31, 2008 at the specific dates and times listed below.  Each meeting will be held in the Freedom of Information Hearing Room, First Floor, 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford, Connecticut, for the purpose of conducting a hearing concerning the contested case designated by the corresponding docket number listed below.  For further information concerning these hearings, please contact the Commission’s administrative office at 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106:  telephone (860) 566-5682.


October 27, 2008 10:00 AM FIC 2008-475 William Murray v. Chief Court Administrator, State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch
  11:30 AM FIC 2008-491 Edward C. Favolise v. Board of Directors, Highville Charter School, Inc.
  2:00 PM FIC 2008-465 Walter Chmurynski v. First Selectman, Town of Bozrah
October 29, 2008 9:30 AM FIC 2008-477 Stephen Clark and the Stamford Advocate v. Chief, Police Department, City of Stamford; and Police Department, City of Stamford
  11:00 AM FIC 2008-468 Karen Murphy v. Office of Administration, City of Stamford; Office of Operations, City of Stamford; and Board of Education, Stamford Public Schools
  2:00 PM FIC 2008-384 Eileen Cicchese v. Director, Parks and Recreation Department, Town of Montville; and Parks and Recreation Department, Town of Montville
October 30, 2008 9:30 AM FIC 2008-328 Bryan Jordan v. James Lewis, Chief, Police Department, City of New Haven; and  Police Department, City of New Haven
October 31, 2008 9:30 AM FIC 2008-360 M. Peter Kuck v. Susan Mazzoccoli, Management Analyst, State of Connecticut, Board of Firearms Permit Examiners; and State of Connecticut, Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
  11:00 AM FIC 2008-238 Patricia Johnson v. Director, Public Works Department, Town of Stratford; and Public Works Department, Town of  Stratford