Office of State Treasurer
Denise L. Nappier

     Financial Education Overview    

Treasurer Nappier has served as a catalyst and effective advocate for financial literacy for people across the state, working with the private sector and community- and faith-based organizations to expand financial education programs making the improvement of financial literacy among Connecticut residents the hallmark of her administration.

In 2000, the Treasurer moved forward on a commitment to develop initiatives that would provide economic  opportunities for Connecticut citizens and businesses through asset- building strategies and financial education.  A major goal of the effort is to ensure the accessibility of these programs to youth, adults across the generations and underserved populations in the state.

As Treasurer Nappier has said, “Financial education is important during all stages of life, because economic opportunity can be a catalyst for change and enduring success.  Our efforts working with organizations throughout the state have helped provide programs and assistance that can empower the people of Connecticut with information and training that can help them build a better future.”

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